Decentralized Exchange

Launch your project on Xchange with 10-1000x the initial liquidity into the Ethereum ecosystem where anyone can Swap, Borrow and Lend!

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X7’s founding team believes that capital should be available to those with great ideas and that the unflinching reliability of code and distributed consensus can provide capital while eliminating significant downside risk.

Founding Team
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Borrow 10-1000 times the Ethereum in your wallet

Through our innovative Leveraged Initial Liquidity DEX we can provide massive initial seed capital to visionary entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses.

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Lend your crypto, without downside risk

Put your Ethereum to work earning a share of loan proceeds collected by holding our X7Deposit tokens. Exchangeable with Ethereum at a 1-to-1 ratio. The X7 protocol only permits minting of new X7Deposit tokens when ON CHAIN reserves permit it.

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Trade like a whale

All of the trading functionality and utility you have come to expect in a DEX and more. Swapping is simple, mobile optimized and offers lower fees than the other exchanges. A truly decentralized and censorship-resistant exchange.

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Democratic Decentralized Governance

After launch and discovery of market equilibrium terms, all controls will be transferred to a Voting Contract. This contract has control over setting fee rates, loan terms, funding terms, tax terms, distribution of capital flows and any additional settings. Who can make and vote on proposals? Holders of X7DAO tokens and Magister NFTs.